White Sands, New Mexico

Posted Tuesday, April 1, 2014 ·

Highway closures, school cancellations, and over 1,100 accidents were all the result of a major South Texas ice storm the night before and a perfect greeting to an eleven hour drive from Corpus Christi to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Inching our way along Interstate 10, it became blatantly obvious how destructive the ice was and how little people knew how to drive in it. Cars were abandoned along the sides of the road, cars upside down, big rigs toppled over and smashed, their precious insides strewn all over the highway. There were even cars in trees. Eventually the chaos grew infrequent and the monotony of the great Midwest took over. It was night by the time I arrived at what would be home for the next six weeks.

My squadron regularly sends a large detachment of aircraft and student aviators to New Mexico to continue flight training when winter weather gets bad in Corpus Christi, Texas. Working six days a week and living out of a hotel room left much to be desired so I began searching a map for things to do and found a large white spot not too far from where I was staying. The white spot ended up being White Sands, a place I had heard of before, but knew nothing about it.

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