Wake Island, Marshall Islands

Posted Monday, May 6, 2013 ·

Nearly two years after first setting foot on this strange deserted island, I returned on a calm August day to find nothing changed. After spending the previous night in Waikiki, Wake Island served as a halfway refueling point on the way to Japan. The six hour flight was largely uneventful save for periodically calculating fuel totals to ensure we wouldn't be crashing into the ocean. Large, puffy clouds were scattered across the sky with the occasional random thunderstorm to break the monotony. And finally, after endless ocean and clouds, a blue speck appeared on the horizon. Seeing the island slowly getting larger as we approached was just as incredulous as it had been the first time. Wake Island rises just seven meters above sea level, but from the air looks to be nothing more than painted ocean.

The airport tower contacted us giving the landing runway and airfield conditions and basically told us to do whatever we wanted since we were the only aircraft around. After touching down and taxiing to our parking spot, the doors were opened and I was greeted by a humid Pacific breeze.

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