Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Posted Sunday, September 25, 2011 ·

"Welcome to British Columbia, Canada! The Best Place on Earth". This is the first sign you see after leaving the United States and crossing into Canadian territory. After five minutes of driving north along the I-5, which has now transformed into the 99, the first thing I realize is that nothing is different. In fact, the only differences I noticed were that the speed limit signs are in kilometers per hour, no one cares about the speed limit, and everything costs a little bit more.

With Vancouver and Seattle being about the same distance away from Whidbey Island, I figured I would head north instead of south for a change. How often can you drive for two hours and end up in a foreign country? I suppose if you lived in Los Angeles, Mexico is a mere two hours away, but you would find yourself in Tijuana...and possibly dead. So to Canada I went. The first trip to Big Beautiful British Columbia was uneventful and after brief stops in Chinatown, Gastown, and a gigantic mall, it was back south. The second visit was much more...eventful, with friends visiting for the weekend.

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