Kissamos Province, Crete, Greece

Posted Friday, July 20, 2012 ·

The Kissamos Province is the Western-most province of the Greek island of Crete. Some of the most spectacular beaches on the island reside here and are well worth getting lost, driving in circles, and navigating dangerously close to cliffs while dodging goat sheep to get to. As with the majority of Crete, Kissamos is overrun with a unique goat/sheep hybrid, scientifically classified as a "Geep". The Geep think they are better than you and try to prove it by staring you down...or standing on your car while laughing at you in their annoying Geepish voice. It is worth putting up with them however, since they produce the best Feta Cheese I have ever eaten.

During the three months I spent on Crete, I only visited this province twice, once resulting in getting hopelessly lost and frustrated as the dirt road I was on became more and more narrow, and the second resulting in success. Although this post says Kissamos Province, it is mainly about the Balos Lagoon.

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