Hidden Lake Lookout, North Cascades, Washington
Posted Tuesday, October 19, 2010 ·

The Hidden Lake Lookout Trail is found off a tiny turnout from the Cascade River Road, which is a tiny turnout from Highway 20 in Washington State. I attempted to drive to the trailhead in April of this year but became discouraged when I met a man and his Subaru stuck in a snowy ditch halfway up the mountain. After two hours of helping this man get his car free, he began his hike on foot and I went home.

Several months later, I again drove up the mountain and by this time in August the snow was gone. This hike is approximately 9 miles round trip and gains 3,290 feet of elevation in 4.5 miles. The peak and its lookout tower sit at 6,890 feet. The beginning of the trail is deceptively benign and winds through numerous pine trees before breaking out into the valley pictured above.

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