Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted Saturday, October 13, 2012 ·

My stay in Edinburgh (pronounced "ed-in-bur-ah") and Scotland in general was much too short. Thirty-six hours here seemed to serve as a congratulatory "thank you for wasting three months of your life in the Middle East, and thank you for wasting three months of taxpayer's money in Greece". Once we landed at Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, a few friends and I rented a car and drove the hour and a half to Scotland's Capitol city. After spending the last six months with the same people there was no way I was going to spend the next thirty-six hours surrounded by the majority of them.

The drive alone solidified our decision to spend the extra money and get away. Vast rolling hills covered in the greenest grass sprawled beyond the horizon, dotted by farms and massive livestock. Scottish cows are all enormous and muscular - not fat like American cows. They enjoyed proving this point by galloping about in a carefree sort of way, making me wonder when the last time I have ever seen a two thousand pound cow run. Never.

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