Corpus Christi, Texas

Posted Saturday, May 12, 2009 ·

Catching little fish off the pier was fun, but after catching stupid catfish after catfish things got a little old. I forget when exactly, but we (myself and the guy who ate the catfish, Matt Yan), decided to book an offshore fishing trip out of Port Aransas one weekend. The cost was eighty dollars for eight hours. I had only been deep sea fishing once long time ago when I was twelve or so. This one was out of Dana Point, California and I only caught two fish that time, one was a Blue Mackerel and the other was a Barracuda. So, based on previous experience, I wasn't expecting much this time.

The boat left pretty early and sputtered out to sea for about an hour before anchoring. The Captain yelled to drop our lines and for the next several minutes everyone just stood there waiting. Then the rod almost flew out of my hands. After several minutes of reeling I began to see something light gray swimming around in the water. It turned out to be an Atlantic Sharpnose shark...full of babies. Disgusting.

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